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  核心提示: 2017年底,北京网元圣唐在WeGame推出采用了虚幻4引擎进行开发国产单机大作《神舞幻想》,这部以舞蹈与祭祀文化为主题的游戏,上线仅数周,就备受媒体...

2017年底,北京网元圣唐在WeGame推出采用了虚幻4引擎进行开发国产单机大作《神舞幻想》,这部以舞蹈与祭祀文化为主题的游戏,上线仅数周,就备受媒体关注,被誉为国产单机游戏新启程,让玩爱不释手。《神舞幻想》发行斩获成功的背后,又隐藏着怎样所不为人知的秘密呢?接下来游戏还将带来哪些新内容?今天我们有幸请到了该游戏的制作团队,为我们揭开四年游戏研发的心酸历程。By the end of 2017, Beijing network launched in WeGame using Santar Unreal Engine 4 to develop domestic stand-alone masterpiece "God dance fantasy", the dance and the ritual culture as the theme of the game, on-line only a few weeks, much media attention, known as the domestic game new departure, let the game player love. Behind the success of the release of the magic dance, what secrets do we hide behind? What new contents will the game bring to us? Today we have the honor to invite the production team of the game to unveil the sad history of our four years of game development.


Q:主创团队对这款游戏的世界观是怎么定位的?Q: how is the world view of this game located by the team?

A:最早的主题,我们定调为上古史前三皇帝时代,而更精确确定在尧帝时期时,山海经的融入便很自然的产生了,这是一个很适合这个时代的表现方式。A: the first theme, we set the tone for the ancient prehistoric times and more accurate Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns, identified in the period of Emperor Yao, The Classic of the Great Wilderness into the will naturally, this is a very suitable for this age representation.

Q:是什么原因让你们决定要往「祭祀舞蹈」这方向开发?Q: what is the reason for your decision to develop in the direction of the "sacrificial dance"?

A:这个时期的人类,祟尚自然及神灵,而对于物资及语言尚未那么全面发展的时期,肢体的沟通及对神灵的祟拜和敬畏,都是当时人类生活中很重要的元素。这么探究下来,『祭祀舞蹈』就成为了一个很必然的特色要素。A: this period of human, advocating nature and spirit, and for the material and language has not been so period of all-round development, communication and body of the gods worship and awe, it was a very important element in human life. In this way, the "sacrificial dance" has become an essential feature.

Q:当您在设计这款游戏的时候,有没有遇到什么问题呢?Q: when you are designing this game, do you have any problems?

A:有的,碰到了许多问题啊…(笑)A: Yes, there are many problems. (laughs)

要在非常短时间熟悉虚幻4这个引擎,是我们面临到最直接的问题,这个问题只能靠时间及经验来解决,也由于国内有这样经验的人实在是不多,所以需要一直不断的尝试→重来→解决问题,事后回头来看,我们都很高兴解决了这个难题。In a very short time to be familiar with the unreal 4 engine, we are facing to the immediate problem, this problem can only be solved by time and experience, but also because of domestic experience are not many, so need to constantly try to do to solve the problem, after looking back, we are very happy to solve this problem.

另外,在传统的舞蹈及表演的美感之间,也是我们在创作过程中花了不少时间打磨的成果。一开始我们执着于古舞和传统民族舞的考据还原,但最直接面临到的问题就是,这些深具文化性的舞蹈,在表演上并不是那么好看,于是在考据与表演之间一直在拉距与尝试着。In addition, the beauty of the traditional dance and performance is also the result of a lot of time spent in the process of creation. At the beginning, we persevered in the textual research of ancient dance and traditional folk dance, but the most direct problem is that these deep cultural dance is not so good in performance, so the distance between textual research and performance has been trying to draw distance and try.

Q:不少玩家已经通关了,他们关心《神舞幻想》之后会不会有DLC?时间大概是何时呢?Q: many players have gone through the customs. When they care about the "God dance fantasy", will there be a DLC? When is the time?

A:目前研发正在进行DLC的开发,在春节前夕会上线我们的首个“新春”DLC,具体的时间及内容,会在确定之后公开,所有购买游戏的玩家都将免费获得这个“新春”DLC。A: at present, R & D is developing DLC, and our first spring festival DLC will be launched on the eve of the Spring Festival. The specific time and content will be released after the confirmation. All players who buy Games will get the "new spring" DLC free.

Q:如果时间可以重来,你们会对游戏进行哪些不同的改良呢?或者目前正在往哪些地方优化?Q: what different improvements do you have on the game if time can come back? Or where is it going to be optimized at the moment?

A:目前我们正在优化一些提升游戏体验的细节,例如增加更多的任务目标引导、指北针、小游戏在各种不同难度的调整及更清楚的玩法说明,战斗方面,在简单的难度下,将会优化至更顺畅的游玩体验。A: we are currently optimizing some details to enhance the gaming experience, for example, more work target guidance, compass, game in a variety of difficult adjustment and play more clearly, fighting, in simple mode, will be optimized to more smooth play experience.

Q:服装造型、或者装备系统未来是否会更加丰富?Q: will the dress modeling, or the equipment system be more rich in the future?

A:这个也是我们在进行DLC的一个很重要的内容项目,即将与玩家见面的“新春”DLC中我们会为各位玩家准备一套春节专属的服饰外装。A: This is also a very important content project for us to carry out DLC. We will prepare a set of Spring Festival exclusive costumes for players in the new spring DLC.

Q:请问能描述一下你们的日常工作吗?Q: can you describe your daily work, please?

A:游戏的前中后期都不太相同。前期,我们会花比较多时间在相关资料的搜集和试做尝试;中期,在制作规格及规模确认之后,就开始进入量产,此时的研发人员的工作内容就如同生产线一般,定时定量的内容产出。后期,由于测试与优化的工作同步展开,这时侯的日常工作内容也会变的比较复杂一些,有可能同时要兼顾多项工作内容,例如:整合工作与除错要同时利用及安排时间完成等等。A: the first and the middle of the game are not the same. Earlier, we will spend more time in the collection of relevant information and to try; mid, after making the specifications and scale of confirmation, began to enter mass production, R & D personnel at work as production line, timing quantitative content output. Later, due to the synchronous deployment of testing and optimization, the daily work content will also become more complicated. It is possible to take into account many work contents simultaneously, for example, integrating work and debugging, at the same time, using and arranging time to finish.


A: 以人物的表现上来说,我的喜好比较偏向于飞星,在从小被抛弃的状况下,养成这种善体人意的性格,是比较能让我觉得怜惜的。但是以个性的话,我就很喜欢望舒了;她和一般传统的女主不太相同,敢爱敢恨,就算使坏,也可以很光明正大的讲出口,这种大喇喇有时却又小女人的个性,我很喜欢。Q: which role do you like best? Why?
A: with the character's performance, my preferences in favor of Feixing, in small abandoned condition, develop this thoughtfulness of character, is a can make me feel pity. But in the words of personality, I very love Wangshu; mistress of her traditional and not the same, dare to love and hate, even bad, can be said that the export work in just ways, Da Lala is sometimes a small woman's personality, I very love.


A:后续DLC的已经计划完成,且在制作中,不排除在后续的DLC中对目前的剧情做补完的可能,但是目前不能透露更多信息。Q: there is no behind the works which role may do follow-up story DLC blackening?? consider is what direction to extend?
A: DLC has plans to complete the follow-up, and in the production, do not rule out the plot fill in subsequent DLC in May, but now can not disclose more information.


A:从第二部之后,主机同步是一项很重要的考量,上了主机之后,也意味着将要国际化。整体调性和游戏方式也会和第一部有比较大的不同。第一部作品比较偏向传统RPG,二代将会往强化动作性及操作感的方向制作。 到了第三部之后,我们预期将储备好技术及经验,希望能与当时的一线国外游戏看齐。Q: the plan of the God dance fantasy was a trilogy. Can you let out the possible development of the two parts of the latter?
A: after second, host synchronization is a very important consideration. After the host, it also means that it is going to be internationalized. The overall tone and the game will be different from the first one. The first work is biased towards the traditional RPG, and the two generation will be made in the direction of enhanced action and sense of operation. After third, we expect to be able to reserve technology and experience in the hope that we will be able to see the first line of foreign games.


A:这个倒是没有考虑过,虽然以画面上来说,VR能带来的沉浸感及冲击是最强的,但游戏毕竟是游戏,VR的游戏运用模式比较单一,而且也因为沉浸感太强大了,很容易就会变成恐怖游戏了,比如,会被一转头后看到离镜头距离很近的可爱生物吓到过。Q: 4 to build the virtual game screen picture, so the team have not considered VR?
A: This is not considered, although in the picture, immersion and the impact of VR can bring is the strongest, but the game is the game, the game using VR model is relatively simple, but also because of the sense of immersion is too strong, it becomes very easy to horror game, for example, will be a after seeing the lovely creature turned away from the lens close to scare.

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