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            核心提示: Holding posture has a very important influence on the daily use of mice. The same mouse with differ...

          Holding posture has a very important influence on the daily use of mice. The same mouse with different grip posture will bring different feelings of use. So when we buy the mouse at ordinary times, it is best to choose the position according to its own holding position, so that we can buy the most suitable mouse. There are many kinds of mouse holding posture. The most common are two kinds of grip and pinch grip. The rate of grip is the highest and the most comfortable and comfortable posture. Little weave today also focuses on the rat握持姿势,对鼠标日常使用有着极其重要的影响,同样的一款鼠标,使用不同的握持姿势,将会带来不同的使用感受。所以我们平时购买鼠标的时候,最好还是根据自己握持姿势来选择,这样才会买到最适合自己的鼠标。鼠标的握持姿势有很多种,最常见的就是趴握和捏握两种,其中趴握的使用率是最高的,也是最舒适惬意的使用姿势。小编今天也重点说一下趴鼠


          趴鼠,就是用户在使用鼠标时,整个手掌呈自然放松,搭放在鼠标上,由鼠标来承载手部重量的一种使用方式。使用该种姿势握持鼠标时,由于手掌完全搭放在鼠标之上,需要鼠标能够对手掌各部分提供全面均匀的支撑感,所以对人体工学造型具有较高的要求。掌心全部与鼠标背部贴合,拇指,无名指与尾指自然伸直共同操作鼠标。食中二指自然平放在鼠标按键上。点击按键时,指腹与按键接触。移动时手腕随鼠标移动,此姿势由于鼠标活动范围大,手常自然放在鼠标上不易疲劳,适合于低SENS的FPS玩家长时间练习。Mouse, is the user in the use of the mouse, the entire palm is naturally relaxed, put on the mouse, a mouse to carry the weight of the hand of a way of use. When using this posture to hold the mouse, because the palm is completely put on the mouse, it needs the mouse to provide a comprehensive and uniform support for each part of the palm, so it has high requirements for ergonomics modeling. All the palms are fitted with the back of the mouse, the thumb, the ring finger and the tail finger to operate the mouse together. The two fingers of the food are naturally placed on the button of the mouse. When the button is clicked, the finger is touched with the button. When moving, wrist moves along with the mouse. Because of the large range of mouse movement, the hand is usually not easy to fatigue on the mouse, so it is suitable for long time practice of FPS players with low SENS.


          对于国内用户来说,鼠标长度在125mm以上,高度在40mm以上的大型右手人体工学鼠标,比较适合于使用趴鼠姿势握持使用。最近非常受玩“吃鸡”玩家青睐的腹灵G52Pro游戏鼠标就是采用趴鼠姿势握持。For domestic users, the large right hand ergonomic mouse with a mouse length above 125mm and a height above 40mm is more suitable for holding the mouse posture. The most popular G52Pro game mouse that is very popular with the "eating chicken" is to use the mouse posture to hold the mouse.


          腹灵G52Pro吃鸡游戏鼠标采用对称式结构,机身一共8颗按键布局,左右两侧都各有两颗侧键,左右手完全通用。鼠标视觉上颇显圆润,并没太多硬朗线条。平滑的腰线,外壳对于掌型支撑可说是十分到位了。在低重心下,大范围甩动鼠标操作稳定又不失灵活,能够指哪打哪,实现精准定位,感觉鼠标操控余量挺大,要说适合哪类游戏,毫无疑问当然是FPS类型啦。Abdomen spirit G52Pro eat chicken game mouse with symmetrical structure, the fuselage a total of 8 keys layout, both sides of each side have two side keys, left and right hand completely common. Mouse vision is quite rounded, and not much hard lines. The smooth waist line, the shell for the palm type support can be said to be very good. Under the low center of gravity, a wide range of mouse driving is stable and flexible. It can indicate where to hit, achieve precise positioning, and feel the mouse control margin is quite large. To say what kind of game is suitable, there is no doubt that it is FPS type.


          作为吃鸡专用游戏鼠标,腹灵G52Pro自然有它的独到之处。绝对求生毕竟是一款FPS类型的游戏,对鼠标芯片也有特别的要求。腹灵G52Pro游戏鼠标搭载使用了PMW3325光学引擎,最高可达原生5000DPI,默认六档切换,也可以通过驱动自定义。PMW3325简单来说对于FPS类游戏的匹配度高,因为其在加速连贯性的空隙小连贯强,让切换DPI的适应度更为优良,而虽然顶级9800与9500虽然DPI范围更大,但连贯性就比较差,不利于玩FPS类的游戏。所以玩“吃鸡”,首先建议的就是选择PMW光学引擎的产品。As a special game mouse for chicken, G52Pro has its own uniqueness. After all, the absolute survival is a FPS type game, and there is a special requirement for the mouse chip. G52Pro game mouse with the use of the PMW3325 optical engine, up to the original 5000DPI, the default six gear switch, can also be driven by custom. PMW3325 FPS for simple games, high degree of coherence in acceleration because of its small space coherent strong, so switching DPI fitness is more excellent, and although the top 9800 and 9500 while DPI is larger, but the consistency is poor, is not conducive to play FPS games. So to play "eat chicken", the first suggestion is to choose the PMW optical engine products.


          宏定义在游戏鼠标里算是比较常见的,为了方便玩家操作很多厂家都会宏定义设置到鼠标上。腹灵G52Pro具备8个可编程宏功能按键,能轻松应对吃鸡游戏里面的复杂的按键操作,能够大大的简单化我们的操作。更重要一点就是腹灵G52Pro鼠标还支持吃鸡压枪宏定义,鼠标有专业的吃鸡版本驱动下载,其实也跟常规驱动一样,只是文件里多了几个绝地求生一键压枪、大跳等宏定义!其中压枪可谓是非常强大,通过压枪宏定义设置之后,子弹都能够压到同一个点,简直可以用变态来形容! 除此之外,针对英雄联盟游戏设置了十多个宏定义。Macro definition is more common in the game mouse, in order to facilitate the player to operate a lot of manufacturers will have a macro definition to the mouse. Belly Ling G52Pro has 8 programmable macro function buttons, which can easily cope with the complex key operation in chicken game, and can greatly simplify our operation. More important is the spirit of G52Pro also supports mouse abdominal chicken topressure macro definition, the mouse has the chicken version of professional driver download, actually also with conventional drive, just a few files, such as a Jedi survive topressure when the macro definition is topressure! Which is very strong, after pressing the macro definition set the bullet, can press to the same point, it can be used to describe the metamorphosis! In addition, the league game set up more than 10 macro definition.




          同时腹灵G52Pro 吃鸡游戏鼠标还采用了非常适合FPS游戏使用的,趴握持姿势。总的来讲腹灵G52Pro游戏鼠标是一款性价比非常高的吃鸡游戏鼠标Eat chicken abdominal Ling G52Pro gaming mouse with PMW3325 optical engine, equipped with OMRON D2FC-F-7N (20M) white micro switch, and G52Pro mouse abdominal spirit is also dedicated to eat chicken game, set up a gun, when such a macro definition!
          At the same time, fogling G52Pro eat chicken game mouse is also very suitable for the use of FPS games, prone position. Generally speaking, the G52Pro game mouse is a very cost-effective chicken game mouse

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